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AMU Entrance Exam Tips Question Bank Last Year Solved Papers

Aligarh Muslim University is a top ranked renowned name in Education in India and the World. The Admission season is at peak, and the students are busy trying their luck seeking a position for themselves somewhere from amongst the 300+ courses that this Internationally acclaimed university offers.

In their quest to crack & gain a plus point in this stiff competition to the University the AMU Last Year Entrance papers play a very important role. It provides an inside view to the upcoming examination, the pattern and type of questions asked, weight age of various topics, the question trend in the past, and the expected entrance paper in the same year.

AMU Previous Year Question Paper

In this post we have provided a solution to the AMU Previous Year Question papers. We request the readers to kindly go through the papers of last 10 years and analyze the paper set and the trend for which ever course they have opted, as it helps a lot in the upcoming examination.

Since there are more than 3o0 courses and last ten years papers at least should be available for all of them, it accounts for around 2500 papers, which is certainly not feasible to provide on the internet at this point of time.

Secondly if the time and concentration causes are taken into consideration, as per our experts it’s really a bad idea to study from the soft copies finding them on the internet, as it is more a time wastage and inefficient way.

Last Year Entrance Papers

We strictly recommend the candidates and aspirants of various courses of Aligarh Muslim University, to not waste their time by searching for it on the Internet as the exact material that you people really require in not available there, and prefer hard copies.

Hard copies of the same are available in the market at affordable prices under various publications and can be found at your nearest Competition Book Store. This will provide you with the complete set of last 10 year papers. Moreover as per the analysis done by us, studying from the hard bound copies generates more interest and confidence, which must not be compromised at any cost for this big Examination.

AMU Entrance Test Solved Papers

It must be noted that the answers to these papers as given in the book (in case of solved papers) must not be taken as true in all cases, as they may have some errors. Better way to study is to go through the questions and solve by yourselves, and in case you need to refer, please refer to the Standard Books.


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